Student Resources

This page is for students. On this page you will find steps for setting up school email, accessing your school files and learn how to troubleshoot common problems with the iPads.

Students – Click Here to request a website to have unblocked on the iPads

How do I set up my school email – using an app?
  1. download the Outlook app from Self Service
  2. open Outlook app
  3. tap add account
  4. maybe later
How do I access my school email – using a website?
  1. go to
  2. login with your username (7 digit student#)
  3. enter your password
  4. tap outlook symbol (on left)
How do I prolong battery life?
  1. Settings > Battery > scroll down to see which apps are using a lot of battery power
  2. lower screen brightness
  3. Settings > Airplane Mode > toggle on (if you don’t need wifi, etc.)
  4. Settings > General > Background App Refresh > toggle off
  5. Settings > Privacy > Location Services > toggle off
  6. Settings > General > Software Update > update the iPad
I can’t find a PowerPoint or Word file. Help!

The best way to make sure your file saved is to rename the file soon after getting started. Some files with the default ‘document 1’ name have never actually synced with OneDrive.

  1. check the recent folder in OneDrive (Tap Home > Recent Files > See All)
  2. check the shared folder in OneDrive
  3. swipe down on the screen to see the search bar. Search for your file.
    1. tap the filter icon (funnel shape in top right) and filter search by time, file type or people
  4. log into
    1. check the recent and shared folders again. Sometimes the online version shows different files.
    2. check the Recycle bin
    3. within the Recycle bin, at the bottom of the list of files, tap Second-stage recycle bin
Work in PowerPoint or Word is missing. Help!
  1. if Microsoft gives you a ‘rescue’ option take it. This is Microsoft trying to recover lost work from a temporary file.
  2. try undo
  3. try restore a previous version
    1. tap … (top right corner)
    2. tap History
    3. select a previous version
    4. tap Restore if you want this version to replace the current version
How do I share my PowerPoint or Word file with another person?
  1. open the file you want to share
  2. tap the send icon in the top right corner
  3. enter the name of the teacher or student you want to share your work with
  4. their name should show up in a list of names – tap their name
    1. if their name doesn’t show up – tap “search directory”
    2. if you don’t want them to edit your work, tap “people you specify can edit” then uncheck the “allow editing” option
  5. tap the blue SEND button
    1. you might need to hide your keyboard to see the blue Send button
How do I back up my work?

Each app has different steps for backing up your work. This document has the steps for common apps.

What do I do when an app has only partially downloaded?
  1. delete the app
  2. reinstall the app
  3. restart your iPad and try again
  4. try installing the app at home or when school wifi is less busy
  5. make sure you have enough space on the iPad (Settings > General > iPad Storage)
What do I do when an app won’t download from Self Service?
  1. make sure your iPad is updated to at least iOS 14.0
  2. restart your iPad and try again
  3. try installing the app at home or when the school wifi is less busy
  4. if the app says “One to One” ask your teacher to contact Rory
  5. if the app doesn’t say “One to One” ask your teacher to put in a ticket with IT
Why does everyone else have an app in self service except me?
  1. make sure you have your teacher’s permission to download the app
  2. make sure you have named your iPad correctly, and you have spelled your teacher’s name correctly (Inquiry TeacherName StudentName)
  3. ask your teacher to contact Rory
I cannot join a friend’s world in Minecraft Education Edition. What do I do?
  1. make sure you are both on the same wifi
  2. make sure you are both running the same version of Minecraft EDU. One or both of you may need to update the app
  3. Make Local Networks visible. Settings > Minecraft Edu (way down on left) > Local Network > toggle on
  4. force restart the iPad (hold down the power and home button until you see the Apple logo)
  5. can you join worlds hosted by any other students, or just not one person
  6. delete the app, then reinstall the app
I cannot remember my passcode. What do I do?
  1. if you have a passcode, you should be telling your teacher your passcode
  2. if you change your passcode, you should write down your new passcode somewhere safe
  3. if you don’t know, stop guessing, and let your teacher know. IT can sometimes clear your passcode over the internet.
  4. if you make too many wrong guesses, your iPad will need to be sent to IT to have the passcode cleared. This usually takes a couple weeks.